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Introducing HEMOJET…

It’s So Powerful
It Doesn’t Even Need
Testosterone To Trigger
Massive New Muscle Growth…
It Uses Something Even Better!

Dear Friend,

I want you to consider how incredibly awesome it would be to have a steroid with the following three attributes. (1) It is very anabolic, with little or no androgenic side effects; (2) It doesn’t suppress natural testosterone production, and (3) It has a mild amphetamine like effect for cutting and appetite suppression!

Now, if this was even possible, you would most likely have the most perfect in the world! But here’s some fantastic news. There’s a new, just released anabolic agent called HEMOJET that meets all of these criteria!

Yes indeed, HEMOJET is very similar in action as the very popular steroid Oxandrolone… but it has a mild, yet noticeable amphetamine like effect! So it builds muscle and “amps you” at the same time. And the “Amp” is a focused mental elevation not a “jittery” effect like ephedrine or clenbuterol. It allows you to “zero in” on muscle groups and really recruit those deep, latent muscle fibers. And in addition to HEMOJET’s “mental alertness” quality it will also make you stronger in the weight room… with some people reporting an immediate 10% increase in strength.

Massive Nitrogen Retention Is The Key To Massive Muscle!

However, this mental amplification effect is completely separate from HEMOJET’s muscle building, or anabolic effects which are highly significant. But since it is so cutting edge, it does not use testosterone or l-arganine to ignite nitrogen retention, it uses something even better… read on...

It may sound incredible, but the scientists who developed HEMOJET used a “chemical blend” of esterfied amino acids along with some “top secret” ingredients to achieve the explosive anabolic effect… without testosterone, without stimulating any part of the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, and without the use of l-arganine (like every other NO product on the market).

And this is a huge breakthrough because for the first time, scientists have achieved a “total separation” of androgens from the anabolic portion of steroids.

And what this means is, testosterone is no longer needed to induce nitrogen retention!

Now, just how brilliant is this? In fact, it’s so brilliant, that the research the scientist used to create HEMOJET was research originally done by steroid bio-chemists at I.G. Farben in Berlin, Germany. They are the guys who actually invented Deca, synthetic testosterone and numerous other steroids. And, one of their goals (which they never achieved) was the “total separation of androgens” and still create a steroid that worked like a steroid.

As you probably know, naturally produced testosterone is the most anabolic steroid there is. And this is because it’s the most androgenic. But as you probably know as well, excessive androgens, especially from “foreign” sources can cause many serious side effects. So what these scientists tried to do is “quash” the androgenic portion of a particular steroidal chemical structure… yet maintain ample anabolic effects.

The closest these scientists ever came was the creation of a very well known anabolic steroid called Oxandrolone, which is something like 83% anabolic and 17% androgenic. Now, Oxandrolone is effective at around a dose of between 30-40mg which makes it very expensive costing the average bodybuilder around $500 a month! Not to mention the other “risks” involved.

Plus, as great as Oxandrolone is for building muscle, it does not have the mental stimulation effect that HEMOJET does. And HEMOJET will never suppress your natural testosterone function… because it’s not derived from testosterone.

Start Packing On Pounds Of Ripped Muscle Now!

How much muscle can you expect to gain in your first 8-week cycle of HEMOJET? 30-40 pounds like some other products claim? Sorry to say but it’s doubtful you’ll pack on this amount of muscle on your first cycle of anything. 12-15 pounds is a more realistic expectation! But listen, this is nothing to “sneeze at” considering most doctors will tell you that gaining 6 pounds of muscle in a year is highly significant! Plus, the muscle you’ll gain on HEMOJET will be a very “dry” hard muscle with no water retention.

So now you’ll be “super muscular” with cross striation and deep, deep cuts that are very steroid looking... but without being on steroids!

And your strength and energy levels will increase as well because you’ll literally be exploding with nitrogen. Seriously, the nitrogen retaining effects of HEMOJET are very similar to Oxandrolone and nandrolone (Deca) so all the protein you consume will work better and faster at piling on pounds of muscle to your arms, chest, back and legs.

So Quick, call now and order HEMOJET and start exploding with new muscle fast!

So, Quick call now and place your order for HEMOJET while supplies last. It’s a huge, huge breakthrough in protein anabolism because now you can get steroid like results, but without steroid side effects and get big, riped, and shredded with no worries!



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