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It Should Be Banned... But it isn’t!!

Amazing New “Testosterone” Compound Ignites Testosterone Production Three Ways…
And Causes You To Explode With Pound After Pound Of Raw, Brutal Muscle!

Dear Friend,

Synthetic Testosterone Is Only Available By Prescription.

If you want to absolutely explode with pound after pound of raw brutal muscle using an amazing new, “pharmaceutically based” testosterone compound… then please read every last word of this important message because it will stagger you!

And here’s why this special message will stagger you! There now exists a new, just release testosterone compound that actually exceeds the “actions” of synthetic testosterones like Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate, and Propionate!

And, best of all, it’s still perfectly legal and not yet banned by the US Government. It’s called Testapril and just like synthetic (prescription) test, it packs on massive amounts of muscle in record time. However, unlike synthetic test that converts to estrogen along with the muscle growth… Testapril does not convert directly to estrogen and thus leaving you both big and shredded! That’s right friend, Testapril gets you big and anvil hard due to its inability to convert to estrogen, which is vastly, vastly different than synthetic test that easily converts to this nasty female hormone leaving you bloated and puffy!

You’ll Get Big As A House…
And Hard As An Anvil!

So, how is it possible that a testosterone compound you can get without a prescription is so potent? Its possible because of new research on testosterone in three different areas … (1) natural androgen alkaloids, (2) androgen releasing factors and (3) the blocking of RNA Hormone Binding Globulins.

Yes, you read it right! Testapril increases androgen levels in the body through three different mechanisms of action and will turn you into an “androgen freak” with so much new jagged muscle… your own mother, father and brother wont hardly recognize you!

The Wild Yam Plant, The "Father" Of Synthetic Testosterone!

Testosterone Elevation Method #1: Natural Androgens
Here’s something most bodybuilders don’t know, and that is… all prescription anabolic steroids were synthetic ally created from a testosterone like molecule found in nature. Yes sir indeed. German chemists discovered nearly 75 years ago that the chemical structure of the wild yam plant was virtually identical to the human testosterone molecule. And from this chemical model found in nature found in nature… they were able to synthetically create testosterone and put it in a bottle.

Now, you may be asking… why not just eat lots of yams and get all the testosterone you need? Good idea, but unfortunately, sugar molecules coat the natural androgen alkaloids and render them inert or “unusable” as testosterone.

But here’s some fantastic news! Due to much greater interest in testosterone therapy… scientists believe they have now discovered how to “strip” the sugar molecules from these highly, highly androgenic alkaloids thus liberating tem and giving them the full potency of the synthetic test that was originally created from them! And this is a huge, huge breakthrough in testosterone… a natural androgen that has been chemically altered by scientists.

Testosterone Elevating Method #2: Androgen Releasing Factors
Did you know even the freakiest of all the genetic freaks produce just 10 milligrams of test a day? And what’s even more amazing, nearly 90% of this natural test is “bound” and unusable by a hormone called SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). And as the name implies, it “binds” testosterone and makes it unusable to build muscle. So, the big point is… even the freaks only use about 1 measly milligram of their own natural testosterone per day!

And this is why ARF’s (Androgen Releasing Factors) are all the rage these days. That’s because they greatly induce the natural hormonal faucet in the body, the HTPA (the hypothalamic / pituitary / testicular axis) to literally spew out test by blocking enzymes that want to shutdown testosterone release.

And, as you probably know, enzyme manipulation is the “pharmacological reason” why many prescription drugs work. So by blocking these enzymes, the HPTA releases massive amounts of your own DNA specific test. And DNA specific test is far more potent than synthetic test because as you know… it doesn’t take much of your own natural test to explode with new muscle.

Testosterone Elevating Method #3: Blocking Sex Hormone Binding Globulin!
As you just read, SHBG is a bodybuilders worst enemy because it blocks testosterone from being used to build muscles. So, if you can block this awful hormone your natural testosterone will soar through the roof. And, many bodybuilders just use SHBG blockers alone to elevate testosterone… and they are getting great results! That’s right, guys are getting huge just by using SHBG blockers because natural test is so much more potent than synthetic.

So the scientists who created Testapril included a potent SHBG blocker so it would free-up all your natural testosterone along with all the extra test you’ll get from the AFR’s and the chemically altered steroidal alkaloids!

Do you see the pure genius behind this? Now you’ll get much better use our of your own testosterone AND all the extra test you’ll be getting.

You’ll get shredded beyond belief and you’ll get harder than a rock!

Start Getting Huge And Ripped Today!

Listen, the fact you’ve read this far proves one thing! You’re ready to start packing on lots of rock-hard muscle fast. And Testapril will do the “job”. But a word of caution to drug tested athletes… Testapril may elevate your test levels beyond the legal limit (which is not unintentional for the occasional testosterone freak) and disqualify you. So you’ve been warned. But, if you’re not a drug tested athlete the only warning to you is… start buying a new wardrobe now because your going to need one!



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